Our Team

Aly Sands

Aly brings over 22 years of Award-Winning Real Estate Experience and has managed dozens of agents as the Principal Broker at other firms prior to opening AGORA Realty. She cares about her clients, personally, as well as their Real Estate needs so the service you’ll receive whether you’re selling or buying is specifically tailored to each person’s needs. Having been in the Nashville market for so long, she has worked with many other agents who are aware of her business acumen and want to co-broke with her. It is a great benefit to be recognized by other agents in a positive light when submitting offers in a seller’s market because other agents know that they will have a smooth transaction . Aly is on committees in local REALTOR® Associations. She is married to Frank who is an Award-Winning General Contractor who builds and renovates amazing homes. Having that partnership is a great asset to her buyers and sellers who need quick information when making decisions or getting a home ready for market. Aly & Frank have two brilliant Boxers named Rocky and Maggie.

Jennifer Gore

Jennifer brings years of customer service and exceptional organizational and communication skills to Agora Realty.  Her grammar is excellent.  As a mother of two teenagers, a dog, a cat and a host of other critters, she has eyes in the back of her head so she doesn’t miss a trick and that makes her more than qualified to manage AGORA Realty’s office. She is also married to Tye who is a highly skilled bomb tech in the US Army.

Aly, Frank, Rocky and Maggie George

Frank is an amazing partner in life and in business. Aly & Frank (a skilled Designing Contractor with 30+ years of experience) can bounce ideas off each other and extrapolate renovation projects together. “It’s such a bonus having my husband to be able to ask what unidentifiable things are that I find in properties I show and he’s great in helping me ballpark repair costs for my clients!”.